Love the Look of the New Jeep Renegade

The popular compact vehicle easily takes occupants where they need to go around town. Or, let's all embark on thrilling rural journeys. The latest Renegade models have an even more appealing look. See them in our New Braunfels, TX Bluebonnet Jeep. Experience why the Renegade remains a top favorite by going on a quick road trip.

The front end of the Renegade has a newly styled grille and lower fascia that give the Jeep a more rugged, sporty appearance. Removable sunroom panels are an option. By opening the roof of the Renegade, occupants enjoy a safari-like experience day or night. The panels easily store in the cargo area.

Potential new Jeep Renegade owners have the option of choosing the LED lighting package. LED lamps provide greater illumination while using less electricity. The LED headlights also include lamps that surround the main light, which enhances visibility for the driver and other vehicles. The fog lights are also powered by LED technology.

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