Jeep Renegade: Keeping You in Safer Spaces

People buy SUVs for many reasons, such as their off-road capability. That's one reason Jeep Renegade is so popular. While its adventurous side makes it attractive, Renegade's safety features are also quite appealing.

Those lines on the road help drivers stay in their lane, but that doesn't always happen. With Renegade's LaneSense Lane Departure Warning system with Lane Keep Assist, drivers have an easier time staying where they need to be. This feature detects lane lines, and if Renegade moves out of line without signaling, a visual signal appears on the exterior mirror and the steering wheel will shake lightly. Renegade also has a Blind Spot Monitoring System that uses wideband radar sensors to constantly monitor blind spots between your SUV and other drivers.

Feel what it's like in the driver's seat when you visit Bluebonnet Jeep in New Braunfels, TX to test drive a Jeep Renegade.

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