The Jeep Gladiator Offers Class Exclusive Features

The Jeep Gladiator is a striking and popular full-size SUV and a pickup truck. It is a pickup truck because it has the Double Cab and bed that characterize these vehicles. That said, it's iconic Jeep front end, towing capacity, and suspension system give it off-road SUV capabilities.

Most pickup trucks offer various roofing options, but convertible capability isn't usually one of them. The Jeep Gladiator bucks this trend by offering passengers and drivers the exhilaration of an optional fully removable roof. These Gladiator roofs come in a number of styles that include soft top and hardtop. Plus, the doors and windshields are also removable for yet greater levels of freedom.

The Jeep Gladiator pickup truck bed allows operators to haul a variety of materials or even small vehicles that weigh up to 1600 pounds. To make hauling easier, the Jeep Gladiator allows operators to set their tailgates in three separate load securing positions, and it also offers a Tonneau cover that drivers can use to protect sensitive cargo from the elements.

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