Make Quick Maneuvers with the Jeep Renegade

Finding a car that not only has good external capabilities for off-road traveling but also nuanced controls can be difficult. This is because many cars might be able to go on off-road terrain, but not give you enough nuance with the steering wheel to actually be able to turn efficiently on certain terrains. This is why at Bluebonnet Jeep we stock the Jeep Renegade, a popular SUV that allows you to have precise control over your wheel no matter which terrain you're driving on.

For example, the car's 35.3-foot turning diameter allows you to navigate particularly narrow turns. This can even be helpful for emergency situations in any context, such as quickly avoiding a fender bender on the highway. The overall length of the car is also 166.6 inches, meaning that it's also a compact piece of machinery that can move out of the way quickly.

Want to see just how delicate the steering is for yourself? Come by Bluebonnet Jeep for your own Jeep Renegade test drive today!

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