Peace of Mind in the Jeep Cherokee

Whether you're cruising down busy New Braunfels, TX streets or exploring rough off-road terrain, the new Jeep Cherokee will help you get to your destination safely. This popular SUV is equipped with advanced safety features that are designed to help you maintain control at all times. We here at Bluebonnet Jeep are proud to show you what the Cherokee can do.

One of the most useful features available is Electronic Stability Control. This feature is engineered to prevent understeering and oversteering. It does this by reducing the chances of the vehicle's wheels skidding on the road. Various sensors constantly monitor your performance. The system will initiate automatically whenever it senses trouble.

Another great feature is Electronic Roll Mitigation. This system works similarly to the previous one. However, it can prevent wheel lift and roll by making appropriate adjustments as needed. It monitors your steering and will detect when wheel lift has the potential to occur.

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