Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

The rubber of your cars wiper blades is wearing faster than you might realize. Here is some information you may not be aware of concerning your wiper blades. The rubber elements in windshield wiper blades is going to break down from oxidation and will even become damaged from the sun. Each time the blades rub back and forth across the glass, they are literally wearing away a little at a time.

Once the wiper blades start to become brittle and stiff, that is when you are going to have trouble seeing clearly ahead. Stiff blades will cause streaks and blurry spots that will significantly reduce your ability to see clearly. Add into the mix that when it is raining heavily, these worn blades will be unable to give you that clear line of vision.

If you are having trouble seeing because of worn wiper blades, visit Bluebonnet Jeep and we can replace them today.



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