Discover the Durability of the Ram ProMaster

The reason the new Ram ProMaster is often considered a popular cargo van has to do with all the different features packed into one vehicle. Today we look at a few of those features in more detail.

The Ram ProMaster is equipped with the Anti-Lock Brake System, protecting your cargo for when the van needs to stop quickly. Instead of the tires all locking up, this brake system reduces the chances of the van sliding and the cargo being damaged.

The other feature in the Ram ProMaster is the focus on increasing driver visibility. To do this effectively, it is a combination of a shorter front end, the raised driver seat, and the incredibly large windshield, making it easier for the driver by way of the higher vantage point while on the roads.

Take a minute to visit Bluebonnet Jeep and take out the all-new Ram ProMaster for a test drive.



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